What are the most popular Final Fantasy cosplay costumes?

Final Fantasy characters are no easy feat to accomplish, with most of their costumes having been designed by some of the most talented and thorough art designers in gaming. Even the most experienced cosplayers will think twice before jumping into this particular rabbit hole. It takes great effort to breathe life into these complex characters. Enjoy […]

How to Make Money Doing Cosplay

Are various conventions just glorified casinos? With that question, you’ll have to discern whether it’s a gamble to try to make money doing Cosplay. Of course, it’s possible to earn money. It’s also difficult. A minority of people, who do Cosplay get sponsored. Overall, there are three ways people approach making money doing Cosplay. First, […]

Are there any good Cosplay dating sites?

If Comicon conventions weren’t enough of a dating frenzy already – you’re googling where to find good Cosplay dating sites, and that’s completely justified. Rather than try to navigate the vetting process on-the-spot, online dating allows you to figure out plenty about a prospective partner via messaging. Plus, who wouldn’t want to match with someone […]

A Brief History of Cosplay

Cosplay is a fun, wholesome activity for the whole family. In recent years with the rise of social media culture spreading even the most niche fandom to a tight-knit global community, it’s become more popular as well. Sub-cultures such as LARPing have also showed up. With cosplay on the cusp of becoming mainstream, it’s a […]