Best Cosplay Costume Ideas for Plus-Sized People

You’ve probably seen all sorts of different cosplay at cons. More experienced cosplayers tend to create complex pieces of award-worthy attire, while less experienced ones will opt for simple costumes that are readily available on Amazon and eBay. However, costumes for the plus-sized of us are not commonly found, especially for plus-sized women.

While there are some outfits that work better for bigger girls. This isn’t to say only slim ladies should opt for Catwoman! At the end of the day, choose whatever character speaks to your own personal fandom and makes you happy!

That said, here are some fun, plus size cosplay ideas for girls and boys.


Ursula from the Little Mermaid

This cool, fun character with her red lips, gray curls, and blue eye shadow is absolutely fabulous. Show your soft side under the veneer of toughness, just like her! Ursula was actually modeled after a series of famous theatrical personalities, and her flamboyance and confidence have made her one of the most popular cartoon villains of all time.

Crush it at any Con you go to by dressing as this feisty femme fatale!

Snow White

This innocent, gentle, kind, and sweet character is adorable with her red glasses and red high heels – these two elements are a must. Just don’t cast yourself too firmly in the role – you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your friendly, generous, and trusting nature.

Black Widow

On the other hand, there’s also the Black Widow cosplay, which can be unbelievably sexy because of how confident the character is in both her smarts and beauty. If you have confidence, you can pull the Black Widow off with ease. Avengers Assemble!

The Tardis

A unisex choice, if y0ou feel like having some fun with it. Blue hair, blue makeup, and blue clothes. Throw on a Police Box Sign and some windows. Your imagination is the only limit, and all eyes are on you in this quirky getup. If you feel like going a little more conventional, you can just go with the 12th Doctor, of course.

Princess Fiona

A “lady with presence” is the quintessence of Princess Fiona’s temperament. She’s an excellent choice for girls with an attitude. There is no better character to cosplay if you’re firm in dismissing stereotypes. Princess Fiona cosplayers are not ones to wait for Prince Charming to arrive. They don’t believe that appearance is the only factor in self-esteem. They are done with the unhealthy approach of looking and acting a certain way in order to be validated.



Played in Mel Brooks’ iconic Spaceballs by the late, great John Candy, this half-dog, half-man is his own best friend by his own admission. The character is perfect for anyone who’s not afraid to be independent and funny.


Guys who like the rowdy brewmaster from League of Legends will find this an ideal cosplay idea. Be warned, you might need some stamina to hold that barrel in your hands all day, but maybe you can make it out of something light. The original character is shirtless, but you don’t have to be. You can put on a comfy purple suit on instead depending on your preference. Just don’t let your quest for the perfect beverage lead you to uncharted glacial wasteland!

Bob from Tekken

Bob from Tekken is a very neat cosplay idea. He’s not the stereotypical plus sized guy. He is flexible, fast, agile, and smug, and the best part – his clothes are very easy to make.

Homer Simpson

The most famous plus-size cartoon character of all time, and the easiest costume in the world! In fact, it’s not even a costume per se – just a casual shirt and shorts and a ton of yellow paint for your skin. Just make sure it’s non-toxic.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our costume ideas! On a final note, characters like Lady Death and Barbarella have proven very popular among plus-sized fans. These fun, engaging, and simple costumes are a good choice for any cosplayer. There is nothing more insulting than the insinuation that anyone should limit their cosplaying to plus-sized characters. You can – and should – cosplay whoever you want.