Top 10 Jessica Nigri Cosplays

Jessica Nigri is a cosplayer whom all professional Instagram influencers can look up to. Starting out in 2009 when her Pokemon cosplay went viral, she has gone on to be the life of the party at comic-cons and conventions around the world. She’s also climbed up the cosplay celebrity ladder a tad to become a spokesmodel and has lent her appearance or voice acting talent to film, TV, video games, and music videos.

  1. Minecraft

This is a rather original take on the “creeper,” a kind of enemy in the video game Minecraft which sneaks up behind you and explodes. Minecraft players can tell you, having creepers in the game makes you paranoid every time you step outside.

  1. Velma

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All these Shaggy memes I tell you

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The Scooby-Doo cartoon character has gone on from the ensemble cast to have a cult following all her own. Geeks love her nerdy brains and cute dimpled looks. Since then, Velma hardly ever gets depicted on the Internet except in a saucy way.

  1. Black Cat

One of the more popular Spider-Man characters, the Black Cat often makes impromptu appearances in the comic book franchise. She doesn’t have much in the way of superpowers except for being sultry and distracting, having amazing luck, and being a trickster.

  1. An Ewok

If you said “Nobody could make an Ewok even cuter,” you don’t know Jessica Nigri.

  1. Jon Snow

A gender-bent Jon Snow, the prominent point-of-view protagonist from Game of Thrones. Bonus points for posing with this magnificent white wolf.

  1. Sailor Moon

Posed with a friend, these two bring a manic energy to the long-running Japanese anime/manga franchise. Jessica herself expresses she’s less than fond of the show, but she’s taking this one for the team because fans demanded it.

  1. Aela the Huntress

Now, this goes to show it’s more than the costume. She’s in character here, grimly serious as she draws her blade and contemplates finishing off her prey.

  1. Ghostbuster

She can definitely raise some spirits with this!

  1. Leprechaun

She definitely has the lucky charm. This seems to be a favorite of hers, repeated several years over.

Link from the Zelda Series

Yes, we know, there’s Zelda and then there’s Link, but she gets to mix and match. Her ear game is on point.

Jessica Nigri has given us so many sexy and empowering costume ideas. Hopefully, there will be many more to come.