Top 10 Starfire Cosplays

Teen Titans is the definition of a cult following in comics. The title itself has existed in a semi-franchised Twilight Zone since the 1960s, with the theme of having an ensemble cast of teenage sidekicks from other titles come together to form their own league. As characters age out of their teen years, the series gets hung up, then revived over time when a new fresh crop of teens come along.

But out of every iteration of the Teen Titans, there’s a core of a few faces popular enough to rise above the pack for generations of fans. Starfire is one of the most popular Teen Titans to see cosplay, right behind the empathic Raven. Starfire hails from the planet Tamaran, although she cuts a pretty red-headed figure for an alien. She very nearly married a Nightwing, but Raven stopped it during a face-heel-face turn.

Starfire is an energy fighter, able to shoot laser blasts and fly around. She’s got a backstory on her home planet that generally shows her hardened up through a series of unfortunate events, so it’s refreshing to see she came through all that with such a sweet disposition.

  1. @jazikinn

An awesome and faithful play. Just about everything is on point, the costume, the hair, even got the acting down.

  1. @tx_tanned

The garters on the stockings are an obvious detail that have to go, but outside of that, nice effort.

  1. @soniabladecos

She’s so nervous posting this, everybody be nice to her, please? She’s got a good start, just needs experience.

  1. @violetlovecosplay

Well, the costume’s not exactly her most iconic, but still recognizable. But what sells it is that full-length wig and her posing.

  1. @ladychocobo

These two are pros, as Raven and Starfire, having what looks like an appropriately uneasy alliance.

  1. @ladyschala

Sometimes all you need is the gems in the right place.

  1. @phoenixrai

What makes this one are the vivid, screen-melting colors.

  1. @dailycosplayfeature

Nice costume, good hair, but then the smile sealed the deal.

  1. @grumpy_dragon_cosplay

This is just a good, honest Halloween-grade cosplay. Sometimes it’s about no over-complicating things.

  1. @annie.note

Finally, here’s to all the various interpretations we’ve seen of Starfire and Raven pairings. Friends, enemies, or swapping a tender kiss, they’re always a power pair.