What are some sexy and empowering anime costume ideas?

Anime has amassed quite a following, not least because of the badass female character that have dominated the genre for decades. These have inspired quite a girls and women to don the garb of their favorite anime heroine. Why do women dress up in sexy anime costumes? Sometimes it’s purely for fun. Sometimes, it’s simply because they’re fans. Sometimes, it’s all about empowerment. Being confident and owning your sexuality regardless of how you look can be a huge confidence boost

Sailor Moon

Whether you watched the DIC dub on Toonami or the original Japanese version, it’s hard to deny that Sailor Moon was a key component in the popularization of Anime in North America. Sailor Moon’s adventures fighting the Negaverse/Dark Kingdom inspired millions of girls to begin hunting for more of this “anime” thing. Pretty girls kicking ass in sailor outfits probably didn’t hurt the show in the eyes of boys either.

Dressing up as a Sailor Scout or Soldier has been a long-held practice at anime conventions across the world. Why not put your own spin on it?

Madoka Kaname

Staying with the magical girl aesthetic, perhaps you can be Madoka at the next cosplay event you’re set to attend. Her costumes combine several different styles to make the unexpected possible, just like what happens in her show. Of course, her show subverts the whole genre, so who knows? Perhaps you’ll also want to bring your cute sidekick, as long as it isn’t an unfeeling demi god that will eventually kill you.

Haruhi Suzumiya

The sexy schoolgirl look is a classic, especially in slice of life anime. What better schoolgirl is there than Haruhi, an entity so powerful she makes reality warp around her whenever she gets bored. You can recreate a high school setting with a few friends, make your own SOS team and have your own adventures. Just watch for errant time loops. They’re pretty annoying, though who knows? They may result in a spinoff and fantastic movie down the road.

Starry Sky

Be like the bold and daring Tsukiko Yahisa from Starry Sky in a cute and sexy cosplay costume that’ll definitely be noticed. Yahisa is the only girl in an all-male school, so if all your friends are boys, a Yahisa outfit is a great way to play the part.

Soraka from League of Legends

Soraka Anime is incredibly popular with cosplayers, especially diehard League of Legends fans. Soraka is a nice, charming girl whose own needs always come second to everyone else’s, but don’t let that fool you. She never compromises when it comes to fulfilling her mission, which is protecting the cosmos all sorts of enemies. Even the strongest foes find they’ve met their match. The character’s strength comes from her special connection with the stars. Her friends are always safe with her around. Try out her sexy and elaborate getup if you want to try making something challenging and unbelievable.

Mitsuki Nase – Kyoukai no Kanata

Back to the sailor uniforms. There’s just something so fascinating about them! Mitsuki Nase’s costume is as interesting as it gets. Anyone donning this piece from the character in Kyoukai no Kanata will look great irrespective of their body type.

Pretty much all a girl has to do to achieve this look is to get a hairstyle with bangs and a lollipop, and put on calf-length black socks with a skirt and a sailor-style school uniform. The costume is so easy to make that you can make it without resorting to a seamstress’ services.

Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi is another iconic female character from Toonami’s heyday. Known for her determination and selflessness – Kagome truly one of the most passionate and recognizable characters in anime.

Final Thoughts

We hope our ideas inspired your creative side. If you would like some more costume ideas, you can try out these Final Fantasy cosplays. Thanks for reading and have fun dressing the part!