What are the most popular Final Fantasy cosplay costumes?

Final Fantasy characters are no easy feat to accomplish, with most of their costumes having been designed by some of the most talented and thorough art designers in gaming. Even the most experienced cosplayers will think twice before jumping into this particular rabbit hole. It takes great effort to breathe life into these complex characters. Enjoy our list of the most popular – and most creative – FF cosplay costumes!


The fact that Cloud is the most popular Final Fantasy character from the most popular Final Fantasy game of all time is undisputed. Cloud is a groundbreaking, well-crafted character with a complex history and an attention-grabbing design. Having gone through an identity crisis and a series of emotional trauma, Cloud came out victorious. A lot of people relate to Cloud, which has only increased his popularity over time.


Alongside characters like Samus and Lara Croft, Tifa is one of the most recognizable kick-ass ladies in the world of gaming. She’s Cloud childhood friend and recruiter for an eco-terrorist group of freedom fighters. Not to mention that in in a game with impossibly giganting swords and people with guns for hands, Tifa gets by by punching people square in the face. There’s great sex appeal about her, with an iconic look that may be a little bit easier to cosplay than most FF characters.

However, the main reason this character is so popular goes beneath the surface. Under her tough exterior, Tifa is kind and gentle and a great source of emotional support for our emotionally compromised protagonist.


Undeniably the most popular villain in FF, the former soldier and war hero who loses his mind is known to leave a trail of destruction and death in his wake. He will regularly go to extremes in his inclination to deify himself, such as summoning a meteor to scar a planet and then fuse with that planet’s life energy. His cruel actions and menacing presence are portrayed beautifully in the game,  having earned him a relentless following among fans and cosplayers.


This cool, badass character makes everyone’s list without even trying. Auron has a serious, no-frills approach and some of the best lines in FF X. If you’re the type who’s enticed by the thought of causing a natural disaster with the wave of your sword, look no further than an Auron costume. He’s also a very complex figure, characterized by immense dedication and loyalty.

All in all, this Final Fantasy cosplay needs a lot of thought and effort to be invested. His fans have really succeeded, on several occasions, in bringing his persona to life.


Yuna’s outfit was a thoughtful and creative take on the kimono, and the refreshing fashion choice was just the beginning. She seems timid at first, but the soft-spoken veneer hides a strong desire to achieve peace, even if she loses her life. We love watching her character develop outside of her religion and delight in her immense emotional range as we go we go on a difficult emotional journey with her in Final Fantasy X and its sequel..

Honorable Mentions

Lord Braska

While Lord Braska’s costume can take very long to make, this hasn’t deterred his many fans. In some cases, the cosplay costumes look better than the game! Lord Braska dons a complex headdress that looks like headgear you’d wear in the desert or an Arabian head-wrap. The dark blue, opulent piece covers his head, floating down to just below the chin. A white band holds it in place. Embellishments include horn-like pieces and a blue stone at the front. A black line runs down the middle.

Try this costume if you want a challenge!


Fans opt for detailed takes on the Viera costume, which makes sense as the Viera are a rabbit-like species that’s not all that easy to recreate. They are divided into two “subspecies”: the darker Rava and the lighter-skinned Veena. Both subspecies live three times as long as human beings.

Cosplayers tend to choose specific costumes, so this is an exception. There’s just so much to think about. There is a deer-like element to the features, in particular the long ears and strangely-shaped feet. In fact, they need to wear high heels to be able to stand! Slender body types are more suitable for this costume, as the Viera are characterized by high agility and flexibility. Their senses are potent, and they move very swiftly.

Another challenge, if you’re up for it!


If you’re a guy that wants to get a bit more brash with his costime, look no further than Wakka. Wakka is popular among cosplayers because he’s a blitzball player in Final Fantasy, assisting heroes on their journeys. Go with this one if you’re in a mood to show off those pecs and abs.