What is Cosplay sex and how it can help your relationship?

One of the latest trends many people seem to be following today is cosplay. Those in relationships especially, have been delving into the new practice. They use cosplay sex as a way to spice up their partnership. But what exactly is cosplay and cosplay sex? Is there a way it can help your relationship down the line? Cosplay refers to the act of dressing up in a costume to play. Except that you choose a character from either a video game, movie or a book. Many of the cosplay characters chosen today, are from Japanese hentai. Or as they are otherwise known, manga and anime. The costume play practice is suddenly on the minds of many people. Those considered geeks or video game enthusiasts are especially fond of it.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding costume play and cosplay sex though. You have those who hate it while others love it. Some, live for it and want everyone in their world to accept it or move on. What once started out as fad carried out by a few hardcore fans, has turned into a phenomenon. It’s now picking up steam and spreading all across the globe. Since it allows people to role play, sex therapists and relationship experts are using it. Moreover, it is being used as a tool which helps many with several forms of therapy. Not only for people in relationships, but in other areas.

Cosplay is being utilized to help individuals deal with trauma, anxiety and low self-esteem. It is also used for gender identity issues, depression and a few other issues. All done in a creative and safe way. But, the entire costume play practice doesn’t end there. In the more serious adult world, cosplay sex has spawned. There are also costume sex parties which sometimes lead to orgies or wild sex situations. At first, image sharing sites where the ones where most cosplay photos were found. However, as the practiced entered into the adult world of pornography, cosplay sex videos became the new thing.

Since the participants are wearing disguises, it allows them to often remain anonymous. In turn, that lets them have sex on tape, without revealing their true identity. Hundreds of thousands of cosplay sex videos are found online today. Many of them are uploaded there by the people themselves. It works out perfectly for those who love attention. Specifically the form attained by way of carrying out sex acts such as exhibitionists.

Through these homemade sex videos, couples are finding a form of therapy. Not only that, they are also coming up with creative ways to have sex. Dressing up or role-playing, has always been done by many couples. It has also been encouraged and pushed by numerous sex experts and therapists. This is why costume play has become such a great thing for people in partnerships. And why the entire cosplay sex practice is catching so much fire and attention.

Still, sex is not the only reason people do costume play. Some see it as a form of artistic expression or performance art. The web is full of tons of cosplay sites especially created for the genre. There are millions of videos on sites such as YouTube as well. In the mainstream world, there are costume competitions and even reality TV shows about it. Numerous people take the entire concept to heart by going extreme. They spend thousands of dollars to create elaborate costumes complete with props and other gadgets.

As with anything that goes mainstream, it isn’t long before it makes it to the porn world. This is exactly what has happened with cosplay sex. Adult sites are seeing the category rise in popularity the past few months. Those who are curious about it, want to see porno videos depicting people in costumes play. In these pornographic movies, costume sex parties have been recorded and captured. However, the biggest impact has been on couples themselves. Many people in relationships can be found having cosplay sex. They have been using the costume role playing game, as a way to make their sex hotter, wilder and more intensified.

The vast majority of couples have fantasies or fetishes. Whether it’s both of them or only one of the two in the partnership. Dressing up in a costume, allows partners to explore those fantasies. A woman who dreams of having sex with a super hero is a perfect example. She can have her partner dress up as one and be ravished by him. It will feel like she is being taken by a complete stranger or someone new. The same for a man who wants to see his girlfriend or wife dress up. The costume play scenario has endless positive aspects for couples.

A great deal of people have already stated how much better their sex lives has become since engaging in cosplay sex. That in itself is easy to understand since everyone fantasizes of having sex with a super hero or a person in a costume. Cosplay costume play allows individuals to do just that. No wonder so many are getting in on the act.